Games I’m Addicted To: League of Legends: Wild Rift

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I hope you had a fun new year and Christmas and let’s all hope that 2021 will be much better than 2020 was.

So what is Wild Rift? What is League of Legends? League of Legends or LoL as I will call it from now on is massively popular Moba title on the pc. It has millions of players worldwide and a massive e-sports scene. Wild Rift is the latest release, however, it’s on mobile!

I’ll try to give you the best picture I can below, enjoy the read.

So what is it?

The PC version of LoL aside, Wild Rift is the mobile version that has been in development for several years and this shows as the game is incredibly polished. Now, I’ll fully admit I’m not a fan of the PC version, I tried it and just couldn’t get into it. So what’s different with this mobile version if they’re basically the same game?

Well, there are subtle differences. The map is more compact. This leads to faster-paced games and larger, more frequent team fights. Although, games will still last upwards of half an hour each or more depending on the skill of the players. If one side is getting steamrolled then the game will, of course, be over much quicker than if the teams are evenly matched and the flow of the battlefield chops and changes as each side makes pushes against the other.

But what is it?A league match! Essentially the goal of the game is to reach the other team’s Nexus and destroy it, therefore, winning the match. However, things are not as cut and dry as that. The map is split into three lanes, Top, Middle and Bottom. Each lane has three turrets that the other team has to destroy to progress.

It’s not as easy as just marching in and destroying them though, they do a lot of damage. This is where the minions come in!

In each lane Minions from both sides constantly spawn and march down their respective lanes. The turrets will focus these minions even if you’re attacking the turret itself, thus, killing enemy minions so yours can progress and reach the turret so it can be attacked properly is one of the key early phases of the game. After the three-lane turrets are inhibitor turrets for each lane. When these are destroyed, more powerful minions for that lane will spawn. With any of the inhibitor turrets destroyed the Nexus is then open to being attacked and destroyed. Of course, the other team is trying to do the same as you.

Okay, so that seems easy. It is easy, right?

To put it simply, yes and no.

It largely depends on the hero’s picked and the skill level and ability of all the other players. The game is simple to understand on a basic level but difficult to master as there are several roles as a player you can take.

  • Baron Lane: So-called because an NPC monster spawns on this side of the map. Typically it’s also called top lane and one player generally tries to control this lane at the start.
  • Dragon Lane: Or bottom lane, called this because it’s where the Drakes spawn. Two people try to control this lane, typically support and a ranged hero.
  • Middle: A sole lane role again, with no special spawns to give it a name. However, the middle role needs map awareness more than most to flex into the other lanes and rotate when needed to help.
  • Jungle: While this is a PvP game, there is a role that deals with killing NPC monsters during a match. Because destroying these monsters can provide buffs for your entire team. The Jungle role is often called the most important as the buffs gained can be substantial to victory. The Jungler can also flex into the enemy teams jungle and take away their monsters or kill the enemy jungler to deprive the enemy of important buffs.

Right so there are different roles, what about the heroes?

The PC version has a lot more heroes to choose from, however, the mobile version still has many to choose from. Each hero is different in how they play, what their abilities do and what they are capable of. Which means if you want to play all the heroes you have a lot to learn!Team hero selectionThis is why it’s often best to just pick a few that fill different roles and get used to them. Of course, you don’t have to do all the roles. After some time playing you might find that you enjoy playing certain roles more than others and that’s okay. Go with what you like.

The game comes with several modes for you to practice and learn a new hero. On top of their abilities, heroes also have gear and runes you can itemise for to improve what they can do. There are a lot of builds for each hero and lots of guides out there to help you learn and know what works and what doesn’t, don’t be afraid to experiment or look for help if you’re stuck.Pvp or Ai?

But it’s a mobile game so it has sneaky costs, right?

Surprisingly, no.

The game is completely free to play, you can unlock all the heroes just by playing matches. There is the option to pay if you want to unlock heroes sooner, but it’s not mandatory.

The game has three currencies.

  • Blue Motes: These are the standard currency in the game, you earn them from doing pretty much anything. From playing matches to completing challenges and daily and weekly quests.
  • Poro Coins: Essentially a secondary currency you earn less of but that is used for buying poses for your favourite heroes so they look cooler.
  • Wild Cores: The Paid currency that costs real money. The only thing this is used for is to buy heroes directly or to buy different cosmetic skins for the heroes you already have and enjoy playing.

This model, in my opinion, is very fair and doesn’t try to take advantage of you as it’s very open with what’s free and what’s going to cost you. Given the game has ported over from the PC version, the heroes are already balanced, so there is no overpowered hero to pick to give an edge it largely all comes down to player skill.

But it’s on mobile, how does it perform?

Amazingly well. My device is a Huawei P30 Lite and I can’t run the game at the max settings available because my device just doesn’t support it. However, I have the settings as high as they can get and the game runs buttery smooth. Even when hero abilities are popping off and mass fights are going on.

I’ve experienced no frame drops or any bugs or crashes and I’ve been playing for several days with several-hour play sessions each day.

The connection to the servers is also very very good. I’ve experienced a little lag, but only when I’m playing away up in my bedroom so that’s largely the fault of my Wifi.

I am very impressed with how this game performs on mobile, it looks great, runs amazingly well and provides a stable platform to just enjoy some gaming!

Recommendation: 8/10

Honestly, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with Wild Rift.

It’s a fun, addictive PVP title that enables you to play on the go. It looks good, runs good and has a fair payment model. And I highly recommend you try it if you enjoy these types of games or player vs player combat.

The hero selection is vast and enjoyable to learn and they all look great too with fluid animations.

The only thing that makes this lose marks for me is the potential for the overly sneaky standard mobile money practices to slowly seep into the game over time.

So call it a provisional rating, if in a few months it remains as is, I will return and edit the score appropriately.

Happy Gaming!


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