Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard Review

Here we are with another quality Razer product and this time it’s a keyboard and it sure is a flashy one, the Razer Blackwidow. Edgy!

I’ll be going through the pros and cons below as well as explanations about what it offers as a keyboard and with that said, enjoy the review!

What’s so special about a keyboard?

Well if you’re a gamer or streamer having a decent keyboard is essential to not only your quality of life but also to your gameplay and Razer understands this. Hence why their keyboards are some of the best on the market. Like nearly all products from this company, it comes with their RGB colour technology that illuminates the keyboard in a variety of colours that are completely customisable.

They look amazing in the dark!

The Blackwidow also has buttons on it which you can use to fully control your media experience along with having a dial that can be used to accompany these controls to give you a way to edit brightness, volume and a load of other things with more precise measures. So if you’re chilling browsing youtube then you can use one hand to fully control what you’re watching.

What’s this mechanical stuff? 

Essentially all mechanical means is what style the switches of the keys are. Mechanical keyboards make distinct clicky noises when you press a key. Some people really like this sound and if you want an overload of clickiness then write something with a mechanical keyboard and you’ll be in heaven,

However, Razer is fully aware that not everyone likes the clicking sound of keys so their Blackwidow models do come with an option to have silent keys which eliminate the sound almost entirely.

On top of this, the keys themselves have been designed to be hardwearing so they won’t wear out after repeated spamming. Razer boasts that the keys are made to withstand up to something like 80 million presses before any sign of wear and tear or problems will start to show. Although that’s an estimate, these keyboards will likely last a lot longer than that.

What about comfort?

They have you covered there too.

The Blackwidow series comes with an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that literally snaps to the front of the keyboard. It’s made from a plush leatherette so it’s super comfortable over long periods of gaming. Of course, if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to and it can be removed just as easily.

I’d likely tie in the comfort of familiarity into this too as the keyboards can come with the UK or US layout so you don’t need to worry about keys being in places you don’t know. However with that said all the keys are fully customisable and can be rebound to anything you like, you can even make macros tied to a single button if you so wish. Super handy for those gaming moments when you need to let off multiple spells one after the other!

All of this has got to be pricey though, right?


As with anything they make, this keyboard comes with various models to chose from. Both wired and wireless, mechanical clicky keys and mechanical quiet keys.

So depending on what you choose the price will vary. Honestly, if you’re new to gaming I wouldn’t pick this keyboard as your first the number of options at your disposal could potentially be overwhelming if you’re a newbie. You might want to try a simpler keyboard to be your first.

Review wrapup!

The Razer Blackwidow is a true gamer’s keyboard with functionality far beyond your average board. With fully customisable keys and colours and a specialised dial and buttons to control your media playing it’s a true companion to anyone that takes streaming or gaming seriously.

With that said, it does come with a hefty price tag and the number of options could be too many for a beginner or someone just getting into the gaming scene.


  • Fully customisable keys and lights
  • Ergonomic magnetic wrist-rest for extreme comfort
  • Media control specialisation dial and buttons
  • Hardwearing, up to 80 million keypresses
  • Wireless or Wired, UK or US layout options


  • High price tag
  • Amount of options could be overwhelming for newbies
  • Larger than your average keyboard due to all it offers

Have fun and happy gaming!


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