Razer Kraken X 7.1 Headset Review

Razer is an incredibly well established and reputable company when it comes to gaming peripherals and accessories.

They make a wide range of products from mice to headsets and keyboards. Well, today I have a review of their Kraken X 7.1 headset and I hope you enjoy it!

Alright, a headset, what is it going to look like?

To put it simply if you’re streaming while wearing a set of these you’re going to look pretty stylish as they come in a range of colours.

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue/Black
  • Green
  • Pink

Not to mention Razer’s build quality and look that comes standard with their products. A nice sturdy headband and their logo on each earcup, along with a mic attached to the left earpiece. These particular ones are wired via a USB connection although there are models available that are wireless if you so choose.

They are quite bulky but that extra bulk isn’t just for show and it is there for a reason as it contains what’s needed to make these such a powerful and worthwhile headset to use. Also, if you wear glasses the ear padding has hidden indents designed to contain the arms of your glasses so they are not pressed against the side of your head. I’ll go into further detail below.

And for those who want to shell out a bit more in cost, the Kraken even comes with a Kitty-themed variant with ears on the headband. These are wireless and come with Razer’s RGB technology allowing you to edit what colour the outer earcups and ears are showing, letting you truly stand out.

Okay, so it looks nice but what about the sound?

Well, that’s the all-important part, isn’t it? That they sound good.

Each earcup contains a custom-tuned 50 MM Driver that provides powerful, clear sound with immersive bass. Hear those sneaky footsteps coming up behind you or climactic explosions that will blow you away with absolute clarity. As you can imagine this quality of sound is going to truly be a great experience when it comes to both gaming and speaking to your friends while you do so.

Remember I said earlier that they were wired? Well, they come with in-line controls meaning you can fiddle with the volume or mute the mic easily while in the game without having to alt+tab and take yourself out of the game. Handy right?

Also, they truly give you sound isolation, blocking out that unwanted audio from the outside world, your parents or younger siblings. I think that’s a plus in anyone’s book

What about talking?

For starters, the mic itself is unidirectional and retractable.

You can pull it out of the earcup and adjust it for proximity and direction. It’s flexible and designed to be moved around as much as you like so you can position it how you want. It provides crystal clear communication and voice with your teammates allowing to call out those shots with crystal clear precision.

There is nothing worse than having a teammate who sounds like they’re trying to talk to you from the moon or through fifteen layers of socks. I think we can all agree that that is an awful experience and can lead to gaming losses in team games or missed communication altogether.

You can be sure with these that won’t happen at all.

You mentioned bulk, what are they made of then?

Yes, as mentioned earlier they are a little bulky but that is for a solid reason.

The frame is made from Bauxite Aluminium with thicker padding. It’s solid, flexible and lightweight and designed to be extremely durable. The thicker padding on the earcups and headband means that even more pressure is removed from around your ears and head to allow for long-lasting comfort during your sessions.

Razer knows that frustration can come from gaming so throwing these down out of anger won’t be breaking them easily, they are made from the right stuff to take a beating if they have to. Although I hope you’re not throwing your gear around the room regularly, that sounds like it’d make gaming even more expensive than it needs to be.

Would you say they are worth the price?

Definitely, I wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t believe that they were.

Razer is a reputable company so they can come with a hefty price tag, dependant on what model you choose. But in my view, that cost is more than worth it for the quality of the product and what it offers you as a gamer or streamer. The upsides far outweigh the cost.

Buying these will be a good long term investment for your quality of life, so you can be certain they will last you a long time and many, many hours of use.

I know many streamers use Razer products as do many of my friends. They come highly recommended for anyone, even if you’re just a casual gamer. They’ll last you even longer then.

Happy gaming!


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