Twitch has a problem and it’s growing.

One of the main focuses of this site has been streaming but I have not really covered much in the way of content to do with it before today.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a critical piece on the streaming site. But it’s not to dissuade you from taking part in streaming or with the community. More my thoughts on the service Twitch offers and certain things I believe are wrong within the platform itself.

Is Twitch still a great place to start or continue streaming? Absolutely!

But below I’m going to write out some of my thoughts all the same.

If Twitch has a problem, what is it?

From a purely technical standpoint Twitch sets out what it intends to do, be a streaming platform where you can engage with your followers and grow a following and potentially earn money while doing so. It does this job well.

But the platform used to solely be for gaming, it’s how it started. I’m not saying that the platform should only be for gaming, far from it. The platform should be for anyone that wants to stream anything within the limits of the law and the rules of Twitch itself. With that being said, there is a distinct community on the platform that seems to only draw in toxicity and cause problems and drama.

Some people call this group ‘Twitch Thots’.

By that name alone you’ll be able to figure out that this group comprises of women. Now before anyone gets on their high horse about me being sexist or whatever else, I fully support women that want to stream or do whatever they wish. But there is a subset of these girl streamers that only seem to cause drama and problems. They also set a growing and worrying double standard within Twitch itself.

Double Standard? What do you mean by that?

What do I mean by a double standard?

In this case, I mean in the way that Twitch handles and follows it’s own terms of service and rules. There have been numerous cases documented on Youtube and elsewhere where these ‘Twitch Thots’ or ‘Titty Streamers’ have broken the terms of service or rules and been let off scot-free or with just a warning. While male streamers have been banned either temporarily or permanently for doing the same thing.

Now you could say that this is just perhaps biased staff or a bad algorithm that picks up on these things. But given the frequency and seriousness of some of these cases, I don’t believe so. I think it’s a problem with the staff themselves and in turn the bosses of the platform that are making it an uncomfortable place to be for genuine streamers.

Genuine streamers? But you said…

I’m not contradicting myself here.

The platform has many serious and genuine streamers. The group I’m talking about are the ‘Twitch Thots’ and ‘Titty Streamers’, particularly the most popular ones. Is this some kind of envy talking? Not at all.

These girls stream themselves playing video games, the majority of the time badly. Because the game isn’t the focus of the stream they are. And you can tell this by them having their boobs or cleavage on full display and the camera pointed in such a way that it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one. The guys that watch these girls are not there for the gaming side, they’re there for the girl. And often these sad, lonely guys are paying these girls silly amounts of money. Why?

Because they think if they pay enough they’ll have a chance to do something with the girl. A date, meet them, perhaps more. But we all know that will never happen. Some of these girls even stream themselves sleeping. Sleeping. They’re literally doing nothing and still get watched because they’re attractive and hoard an audience of lonely gamer guys.

So what rules are they breaking?

Twitch has rather strict rules when it comes to nudity and abuse.

Some of these girls wear just enough to cover their nipples but leave pretty much everything else on display. They’re often rude and abusive to their audience too, demanding money. And god forbid anyone speaks out against the behaviour in their chat or they’ll receive a torrent of curse words and abuse.

Well, why don’t they just stop watching and leave? You might ask.

Because they don’t want to miss out on the attractive girl and even getting abuse from them is attention and the girls know this and take full advantage of it. There are one or two women out there that bodypaint themselves on camera, so they’re actually topless but just use paint on themselves. But they’re still topless.

Yet they don’t get any repercussions.

One girl streamer gave vodka to her cat and even threw the poor thing over her shoulder to get it off her lap. This was blatant animal abuse yet Twitch did nothing until an uproar happened and I believe she only ended up being banned for a week.

Anyone that speaks out against these girls is often labelled as a sexist or misogynist. But that isn’t true as the guys that follow these women are as much to blame. Sad, lonely, nerdy guys that simp for these girls in the hopes that if they do it just enough they’ll get noticed and get some personal attention from the girl on camera.

So what do you suggest?

Twitch is swinging into the ‘woke’ side of the spectrum although I believe it was already there a long time ago. Rules and the like need to be upheld and unbiased or there is no point in having the rules, to begin with. Twitch staff need to take a serious look at they handle these cases and act appropriately.

But more than that we need to, as gamers, police our own community and try our best to elevate above these problem and drama creating streamers and create decent content that draws in the crowds away from them. I wish every success to all the proper streamers out there and I sincerely hope that these ‘Titty Streamers’ will slowly lose favour.

If they wish to parade themselves for money, they have onlyfans.

What do you think about this situation?

Do you know of any cases yourself? Do you agree or disagree?

Please comment below!

Happy Gaming,



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