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Hello everyone!

I’ve finally taken a big step and really decided to make this site a living. Unfortunately living in today’s world incurs many costs so I have launched a Patreon!

So far there are two tiers for patrons to choose from.

  • Donator: The most basic tier, the money paid to this which is only a very small amount per month will go towards site running and living costs.
  • Aspiring Writer: The second and last tier for now, if you pledge this amount then I will contact you regarding the publishing of your own article! It must be related to the purpose of Venom Gaming, and be at least 1000 words in length and have a minimum of five headings. If you wish for images to be added these can be sent separately along with the article itself. Note that if the images contain watermarks or infringe on any potential Copywrite they will not be used. All images MUST be your own. The article itself will have all credit given to you and be hosted for all time! One article per pledge.

More tiers could be added in future depending on how well the community takes off.

If you wish to take a look then please visit below!

Become a Patron!

All my love and thanks!



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